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Northfield Council hesitates to give $500,000 to YMCA (Northfield News, Sept 26,2014)
Stressing the need for a firm policy for city donations, the majority of Northfield City Council members sided against investing in the YMCA when Mayor Dana Graham brought up the idea at Tuesday’s work session.

Northfield City Council approves preliminary levy increase (Northfield News, Sept. 2 2014) “It’s important to be able to fund necessary city costs, especially as the city goes into labor negotiations later this fall.” Nakasian said she hopes the council can lower the final levy, but she needs more information about the city’s 2015 budget. “The goal of bringing us down to a flat rate is what we want to aim for,” she said, “but until I see all of the budget numbers presented in a clear way, I’m not in the position to gamble that.”

Northfield Post Office off the market after congressional decision (Northfield News, Aug. 15, 2014) Councilor Suzie Nakasian, who is the City Council’s liaison to the SOPO Task Force and worked with U. S. Congressional staff to save the building, said the future is still uncertain. “They have taken the building off the market, and we really don’t know what’s going to happen next. But in the meantime, a lot of people are thinking about the highest and best use of the facility in case it should become available, and we’re making sure to do everything we can to make the post office comply with the proper processes should they try to sell it again in the future. “

“Task Force to Study Hospital Gets Nod From Council “Northfield News, April 17, 2012 Reports on motion (passed 7-0).

“The council approved Councilor Nakasian’s motion which provides for a joint study of the contributions of the two entities [Hospital and City] to public health and economic development, and models for future collaboration between the two entities. The motion also calls for a task force to be comprised of three members of each body. The Nakasian motion also called for public access and regular reports during the 90 days prior to the recommendation.”

Joint Hospital/Council Task Force Approved By Council (League of Women Voters  Observer Report, April 17 2012) Nakasian motion endeavors to repair a conversation between Hospital and Council.

Safety Center Project Moves Forward LWV Observer Report, 3/6/12,  Council approves motion brought by Council Member Nakasian (5-1-1) for a Joint Command Safety Center; motion endeavors to reduce overall project cost and use the current Safety Center as a central location for Fire vehicles.

Council Approves Use of TIF Funds to Improve Downtown Parking LWV Observer Report, 3/6/12, Council approves (7-0)

Update on Efforts to Save the Northfield Post Office, CC Archives 3/6/12 My report to the Council on ongoing efforts to Save the Post Office;  Council directs EDA to identify options for potential acquisition, 3/6/12 See the NDDC Website for more details on the NDDC “Save the Post Office” Task Force.

Recognition Conferred on Dean Kjerland for Contribution to Downtown 3/6/12 Council thanks Dean Kjerland for his outstanding contribution to the vitality of Northfield through his spearheading of the Riverwalk Market Fair Saturday Markets in Northfield.

Council Approves EDA Enabling Resolution 12/13/11 A long-sought resolution to the troubles besetting the EDA – the streamlined Enabling Resolution clarifies roles and responsibility for the EDA and specifies the reporting requirements that are specified by State statute.

Nakasian Appointed to EDA Task Force with Ganey and Vohs 7/1/11 Task Force to study clarifications re: EDA roles and responsibilities needed to facilitate the work of the EDA.

Council votes 4-3 for Nakasian Motion to maintain the EDA, pursue changes prescribed in the Clough Report to improve EDA, July 5, 2011

Northfield: Maximize Economic Potential by David Henke, Northfield News, 8/10/2010. Article about my candidacy for Northfield City Council, Ward 1.

Suzie Nakasian: Ward 1 City Council Candidate,” Northfield News, 8/10/2010. Video feature.

Chamber Quizzes Council Candidates by Suzanne Rook, Northfield News, 10/8/2010. Article on the Chamber of Commerce Local Candidate Forum.

Just Curious: An interview with Suzie Nakasian, by Breanna Zarbinski, Northfield Entertainment Guide, July 2010. Interview with photos.

Locally Grown radio show podcast, 2/11/2007. My interview and discussion about Carleton’s Arts Center, Northfield’s Comprehensive Plan, scandals in the Environmental Quality Commission, and more.


Northfield Grass Roots Transit Initiative meeting notice 11/11/11 The Transit Initiative is a coalition of local residents, businesses, civic organizations, and the school district and college, working to improve affordable public transportation options for the Northfield community; meetings are open to the public. All are invited.

Bly Moves Forward with Transit Plan by David Henke, Northfield News, 7/27/2010. Article about the potential development of Northfield’s Transit Corridor.

Coming Next Fall: Northfield Metro Express by Margaret Taylor, the Carleton Shout, 6/8/2009. Article and interview about the recently announced Northfield Metro Express.


City Turns to Residents for Park Development by David Henke, Northfield News, 2/24/2010. Article about the important role of neighborhood residents in park development (quoted).

Carleton and Northfield Synergize on Local Parking and Transportation Issues by Emily Hartley, The Carletonian, 5/29/09. Article about the collaborative discussion between the College and the neighborhood to address parking and transportation issues.


What Should the City of Northfield Look Like in 2021?by Suzie Nakasian, Northfield News, 3/28/2007. Guest column on the public’s part in Northfield’s Comprehensive Plan.


Should Trees Be considered Infrastructure?by Jaci Smith, Northfield News, 8/26/08. Article about City trees and Northfield as a Tree City (quoted).

An Environmental Two-fer by Griff Wigley,, 5/4/2008. Post and photos about Northfield’s revised Annual Clean-Up Day.

Reuse Goods Through Local Shops and Shopping by Suzie Nakasian, Northfield News, 4/28/08. Guest column profiling local Northfield shops that offer opportunities to reuse and recycle goods through local shopping.

Reuse Recycle: Northfield’s Annual Clean-up Day gets a Green Makeover by Suzanne Rook, Northfield News, 4/23/2008. Article about addition of a ReUse Option to the City’s Annual Clean-up Day (quoted).

Installation Begins on the Buckthorn Menace Project”, Griff Wigley,, 10/4/2007. Post with images of the Buckthorn Menace.

The Art of Environmental Community Educationby Megan Proft, Northfield News, 10/3/2007. Interview with me about the Buckthorn Menace Environmental Art Installation at Carleton and Saint Olaf.

A Bright Idea by Suzanne Rook, Northfield News, 3/13/2007. Article about my leadership of Northfield’s part in the Minnesota Energy Challenge.